what makes Xintara special?

our history

The magical location of Sintra, Portugal, known since ancient times as ‘Mons Lunae’, the mountain of the moon, provides the ideal location for a wellbeing retreat. The current owners of Xintara have lovingly renovated two adjacent Quintas to cater for up to 20 people. The 16th Century historic property was used for hundreds of years as a small monastic retreat for ailing monks to convalesce and benefit from its regenerative properties.

Where does the name Xintara come from?

Xintara comes from the old Moorish name for Sintra. The Moors arrived in Portugal from the dry deserts of North Africa in the 9th Century and identified the cool forested mountain range and clear springs of Sintra as an earthly paradise in which to build their palaces and castles. The moors brought with them an advanced civilisation, fruit such as oranges and pears, and sophisticated cultivation techniques.

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