Our North Star


Working relationships and environments can and should be productive, fulfilling and enjoyable.


Companies with forward-looking management teams are finding ways that work for them and their employees in a new digital world.


Xintara focuses on combining business and team coaching with wellbeing retreat experiences to help individuals, teams and companies address the challenges of a new distributed working experience.

The future of work

Post Covid-Lockdown, the concept of the future of work is no longer an abstract theory but a reality that companies are making work today. Individuals and companies are realising that achieving high performance and work fulfillment does not need to be constrained by the old conventional system.  Daily long commutes, long monotonous stretches in the office, and lack of working hour flexibility does not necessarily lead to the highest productivity outcomes.

There is a fear inside companies that if they do not go remote, they will lose their best people to the competitors. Most companies are not scared about the quality of work that will be produced. They are scared about intangible things they cannot measure such as ‘quality of communication’, ‘collaboration in person’, ‘water-cooler chat’ and ‘employee mental health and wellbeing’.

Companies are increasingly turning to coaching and facilitators to maximise organizational effectiveness. Team cohesion and company culture is not impossible remotely – but it’s very different and this is where Xintara comes in.

What we do

We aim to assist companies to structure their working relationships and how they work in a team in order to optimize the experience and performance of employees and thereby the overall success of the company.

We do this through a range of set programmes delivered within retreat experiences followed by post Retreat coaching.

Our current programmes include:

  • Connected Leaders
  • Connected Teams
  • Connected Entrepreneurs

We can also customize retreats and programmes to the specific requirements of companies through a co-creation process.

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