Our Clients

Xintara works with a range of clients who are interested in actively managing and optimizing their working environments. These include:

Established Businesses

Many businesses are trying novel approaches in bringing their employees back to work post Covid lockdowns. Methods of working are now largely digital-based, and this can be aligned with an optimized flexible blend between working in the office and the home.  The Covid lockdown experience has proved that this is not only possible but can also be advantageous over the old ways of working. Many large HQ buildings are being exchanged for smaller offices with companies cutting their office space by 50-70% and allowing workers to work from home 2-4 days per week. This creates a need to actively support and manage a distributed workforce.

HR Directors

HR directors have a primary responsibility to manage this transition to the ‘future of work’. The Xintara team has a pre-Covid track-record in working with HR directors of innovative organizations in facilitating and coaching teams to deliver team coherence and performance. Xintara can also work with HR Directors in creating customized programmes for staff based on the specific requirements of a business.


Employees, especially younger staff members, have never been more aware and conscious of the importance of wellbeing in managing mental health and stress in working environments. Xintara works with individual employees on a Recharge and Reconnect Retreat to manage stress and the risk of burn-out.


Being an entrepreneur can be one of the most impactful and creative experiences around. It can also bring with it a non-stop 24/7 work commitment, high levels of stress and constant uncertainty. Fortunately, our Entrepreneur Time Out retreats are specifically designed to help you address these pressures and challenges and create a space to allow you to step back and reflect on some foundational issues.  In a comfortable, private and friendly environment, we focus on supporting critical parts of an entrepreneur’s journey and in developing and using practical well-being toolkits.  We also consider the important leadership skills of establishing a direction of travel, narrating your story, and aligning your team.

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